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Mar.25, 2010

“Due to high interest, WSAME brought Dr. Randie Gottlieb back for an encore of the Prejudice, Power & Privilege Workshop. The well-attended training brought accolades of ‘incredibly thought-provoking’ and ‘powerful messages given’.”

– Dr. Cynthia Rekdal, Executive Director | Washington State Assoc. for Multicultural Education

Royal City Schools

Mar.25, 2010

UnityWorks is on the road to Royal City, WA, to deliver the second of six diversity training sessions for school district staff and faculty.  The focus is on culture:  its impact on teaching and learning, strategies for creating culturally-responsive classrooms, and ways to communicate more effectively with students, parents and colleagues from other cultural backgrounds.

From a Teacher

Mar.25, 2010

“Hi Dr. Gottlieb!  I Loved your class, I am still processing concepts you taught us. You really live and breathe the curriculum, and it shows to great effect and lasting change. Thank you for working so hard to improve our world! I can’t thank you enough for the Amazing course you teach.”

– Don Humphrey, Computer Instructor | Columbia Basin College, Pasco, WA

“This was an outstanding session!”

– Mike Morrisette, President and CEO | Yakima Chamber of Commerce

“Randie…We enjoyed your work with us and were able to put many of your strategies to work today. The high school class responded with enthusiasm and energy.  Another staff member said tonight that she used all of your group activities today! Thank you so much for sharing with us.”

– Colleen Sheahan, Pastor | Westpark Christian Academy

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