* This was an excellent class!  It made me think critically about my teaching and my students. I feel ready to make the changes in my practice.

* I loved everything!!! The interactive games, the videos, PowerPoints, jigsaw readings, reflective journals, small group discussions, cooperative learning, interviews, projects, going out into the real world and observing others, reflecting from a variety of different perspectives, daily review and summary – all the class activities were excellent.

* Great class! Thanks for being a model for how I will conduct staff development.

* I appreciated the experience and perspective that Dr. Gottlieb brought to the class. Her experiences in Puerto Rico and living on “the Res” gave her an added authority.

* This class was a great blend of discussion, activities and meaningful assignments.  Randie practices what she teaches. She made it a safe environment for a tough subject.

* I learned so many things! My eyes are open more to diversity and critical sociolinguistic issues.

* Dr. Gottlieb is such an amazing lecturer. She creates a calm, accepting classroom that allows people to speak.

* I liked Randie’s succinct lessons, community building, working with peers, and multiple active learning opportunities.

* I liked the many and varied activities and exercises we did in the class. Great ideas for our own classes.