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* This class was a big “aha!” for me. I finally fully understand culturally-responsive teaching!!  Yeah!

*DIVERSITY is a strength! It’s one thing I will never forget!

* Well-organized course with a variety of effective activities.

* I liked the discussions, PowerPoints, videos, articles, projects, group discussions, reflecting – all the hand-on activities.

* I became better aware of my own personal bias and how change begins within me.

* Before class began, I did not have a clear vision of what culturally responsive teaching was.  Now, at the end, I feel very confident about what it is and how to incorporate it into my teaching!  Thank you!

* I learned a lot about culture in the classroom, including examples of how I can do it myself.

* The instructor did a fantastic modeling job on how it should look and feel in the classroom.

* I loved the organization of the course, our interviews, our field studies, and sharing in small groups!

* The instructor’s method of instruction encouraged me to invest emotionally and deeply in a very personal topic (culture) which I have not done in a long time.

* I LOVED the cooperative get-up-and-move activities!  It was a really nice change from sitting and listening to lecturing for hour after hour.

* I had a lot of fun and I felt that I was viewed as an individual.

* Randie was refreshing.

* Clear objectives. Clear expectations. Amazing teacher. Thank you.

* Wonderful stories that related to the topics at hand! I enjoyed the meaningful assignments that we did.

* Dr. Gottlieb has a very gentle, respectful way of teaching.

* Great class! Thanks for being a model for how I will conduct staff development.


* This was an excellent class!  It made me think critically about my teaching and my students. I feel ready to make the changes in my practice.

* I loved everything!!! The interactive games, the videos, PowerPoints, jigsaw readings, reflective journals, small group discussions, cooperative learning, interviews, projects, going out into the real world and observing others, reflecting from a variety of different perspectives, daily review and summary – all the class activities were excellent.

* Great class! Thanks for being a model for how I will conduct staff development.

* I appreciated the experience and perspective that Dr. Gottlieb brought to the class. Her experiences in Puerto Rico and living on “the Res” gave her an added authority.

* This class was a great blend of discussion, activities and meaningful assignments.  Randie practices what she teaches. She made it a safe environment for a tough subject.

* I learned so many things! My eyes are open more to diversity and critical sociolinguistic issues.

* Dr. Gottlieb is such an amazing lecturer. She creates a calm, accepting classroom that allows people to speak.

* I liked Randie’s succinct lessons, community building, working with peers, and multiple active learning opportunities.

* I liked the many and varied activities and exercises we did in the class. Great ideas for our own classes.


* Wow!  I learned so much. I learned how to be a culturally-responsive teacher.

* My eyes were opened to prejudice and stereotypes. This class gave me time to reflect on my own.

* I loved the activities, the discussions, the examples, the visuals, peers working together, everything. It really appealed to all my senses and increased my learning.

* It helped me to reinforce my desire to make a difference as a teacher.

* I learned to check my own biases and be aware of messages I send in the classroom. I also learned a lot about myself as a cultural being.

* I learned so much in this class! I learned, truly learned, how to infuse culturally responsive teaching in my own class and to expect high achievement from my students.

* I became more aware of how my teaching can be affected by my prejudices, which are sometimes hidden from my own perceptions.

* Great investigation, discussion and reflections. New skills that I can bring into the classroom to work with my students.

* The wealth of strategies we are gaining…it was a powerful reinforcement of working toward social justice.

* This topic is critical to humanity’s future.

“Thank you, Randie!  The attendees were very enthusiastic about the program and appreciated your content and delivery very much.”

Carrie Gabbard, Director of Human Resources | Solarity Credit Union

“Randie – Your presentation was excellent. I typically approach diversity events with apprehension. However, yours was well-organized, thoughtful and put me at ease. Thank you again for your time and expertise. I hope to work with you in the future.”

– Steven Branch | Chair, Comprehensive Mental Health Foundation, WA

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