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“I took her workshop on The Role of Whites through the Washington State Association of Multicultural Education (WSAME). She was super and I still remember her teachings and her strategies. She inspired me to keep on working on these issues. I would highly recommend it to others!”

– Victoria Gardner, Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs / Univ. of Washington School of Medicine

Rabbani Trust – Orlando, Florida
Presentation on “Educating Teachers about the Oneness of Humankind”

* Superb. Wow!
* Great visuals, audience participation.
* Randie’s proofs of the oneness of humanity.
* Fun, informative, inspiring! Invite her back for more.
* Great session! I hope the teachers in my school can take this course!
* She is very powerful in transforming people’s thought processes.
* An amazing woman with a powerful message for everyone.
* Visuals, process, hands-on. The best I have experienced on the subject of race.
* Lots of group participation and perspectives.
* Very interactive! Very passionate!
* Most creative, informative presentation.
* Visual arts. Great examples – real life. Very practical examples.
* Demonstrating group activities, sharing experiences. Wonderful in every way.
* SO well organized and informative. Interactive and entertaining.
* Loved the personal testimonies. It was perfect!
* Can use ideas and procedures in my work.
* Every aspect and detail of the session is very vital.
* Visuals and exercises. All excellent. Wonderful ideas and methods!
* Very clear, well laid out and professional. Very well presented. Great insights.
* Lovely system of presentation and opening minds/doors. Varied media.
* Well-organized, based on real experience in the classroom. Excellent.
* I loved the quotes from teachers and the warm up activities.
* The presentation was beautifully organized.
* Well informed, deeply experienced, highly relevant.
* Randie is just an awesome person who is always inspiring.
* The process of communicating a vision was truly educational.
* What is possible to be done by just one person.
* Wish everyone in education could take Randie’s course.
* Excellent activities, games research, power point and handouts.
* Showed humility, radiance of spirit, courtesy and openness.
(Two respondents rated her with 6s down the line, on a 5-point scale.)

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