UnityWorks interactive keynote presentations will leave your audience thinking, smiling and inspired. See what people are saying:

“Dr. Gottlieb’s presentation at our conference fit us like a professionally tailored suit…We would enthusiastically recommend her as one of our most professional, effective and inspirational speakers.”

– From a Keynote at the University of Idaho

“Dr. Gottlieb is one of the NAME conference’s most dynamic presenters. If her track record remains the same, it will be a sold-out event.”

– From a keynote for the National Association for Multicultural Education

The following are abstracts for two on-demand UnityWorks keynotes:

“The Power of Unity”

From tribal groups to villages, cities, states and nations, the human race has progressed through ever higher levels of unity.The Power Of Unity With each stage of development, we have faced new dangers and new opportunities. We stand today at the dawn of a global civilization – the coming of age of the entire human race. It is time to leave behind old prejudices, outworn conceptions, and fragmented views of humankind. We need to recognize the oneness of the human family, the value of diversity and the need for unity.

“A Light In The Jungle”

This is the uplifting story of a successful international development effort on the native Ngöbe-Bugle homeland, high in the mountains of rural Panama. The Ngöbes have an isolated and harsh existence, but their community is gradually being transformed through educational initiatives based on local values and functioning under local control. Through collaborative projects designed to build capacity at the grass-roots, the Ngöbes have established a cultural center, a community radio station, a rural school system, and a solar-powered computer lab, and are developing a botanical garden, a health program, an artisan’s cooperative, and a university. These efforts demonstrate that ordinary people, guided by a vision of service to humanity, can overcome tremendous odds to transform their world.