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Dr. Gottlieb was in Orlando once again, this time for a presentation on UnityWorks itself:

* What is UnityWorks?
* How and why did it get started and how does it work?
* What are some of the challenges, successes and lessons learned?
* Opportunities and next steps?

The session was repeated twice to an enthusiastic crowd.

” It was so wonderful to meet you and work with you for our Youth Leadership Program with Azerbaijan. The students loved your session!  We look forward to working with you again in the future.”

– Alison Kilkenny, Manager of Educational Programs / Foundation for International Understanding Through Students (FIUTS), University of Washington

“Dr. Gottlieb is one of the NAME conference’s most dynamic presenters. If her track record remains the same, it will be a sold-out event.”

– National Association for Multicultural Education | 10th annual conference brochure

“I took her workshop on The Role of Whites through the Washington State Association of Multicultural Education (WSAME). She was super and I still remember her teachings and her strategies. She inspired me to keep on working on these issues. I would highly recommend it to others!”

– Victoria Gardner, Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs / Univ. of Washington School of Medicine

Rabbani Trust – Orlando, Florida
Presentation on “Educating Teachers about the Oneness of Humankind”

* Superb. Wow!
* Great visuals, audience participation.
* Randie’s proofs of the oneness of humanity.
* Fun, informative, inspiring! Invite her back for more.
* Great session! I hope the teachers in my school can take this course!
* She is very powerful in transforming people’s thought processes.
* An amazing woman with a powerful message for everyone.
* Visuals, process, hands-on. The best I have experienced on the subject of race.
* Lots of group participation and perspectives.
* Very interactive! Very passionate!
* Most creative, informative presentation.
* Visual arts. Great examples – real life. Very practical examples.
* Demonstrating group activities, sharing experiences. Wonderful in every way.
* SO well organized and informative. Interactive and entertaining.
* Loved the personal testimonies. It was perfect!
* Can use ideas and procedures in my work.
* Every aspect and detail of the session is very vital.
* Visuals and exercises. All excellent. Wonderful ideas and methods!
* Very clear, well laid out and professional. Very well presented. Great insights.
* Lovely system of presentation and opening minds/doors. Varied media.
* Well-organized, based on real experience in the classroom. Excellent.
* I loved the quotes from teachers and the warm up activities.
* The presentation was beautifully organized.
* Well informed, deeply experienced, highly relevant.
* Randie is just an awesome person who is always inspiring.
* The process of communicating a vision was truly educational.
* What is possible to be done by just one person.
* Wish everyone in education could take Randie’s course.
* Excellent activities, games research, power point and handouts.
* Showed humility, radiance of spirit, courtesy and openness.
(Two respondents rated her with 6s down the line, on a 5-point scale.)

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